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Ni Hao, Kai-Lan is a hand drawn 2D children's TV series created by Karen Chau, produced by Mary Harrington, and debuted on Nick Jr in 2008. The series introduces youngsters to Mandarin Chinese along with Chinese culture and customs as well. It's very much like Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go in many ways. The show targets preschool to 7 year olds and introduces cause-and-effect problem solving, reinforcing supportive attitudes, emotional situational responses, and a chinese vocabulary.

Trivia: The creator's name, Karen Chau, originally was Kai-Lan before it was Westernized and the show is based on her life growing up in a multicultural Chinese-American household. Finally, the original concept for the series was a group of small shorts centered around yoga entitled "Downward Doghouse" as you might imagine featuring the popular yoga pose "downward facing dog". Feel free to look around a bit.

Meet Kai-Lan's Friends!

Kai-lan Chow is the 6 year old star of the show with many animal friends.

Ye-Ye is Kai-lan's grandfather who tries to instill the old ways within his granddaughter. He is based on an amalgam of the creator's father and grandfather.

Rintoo is a 5 year old tiger who is Kai-lan's best friend. Like all tigers, he is a bit impulsive.

Tolee is a 5 year old koala bear who wishes desperately he was a panda instead. In fact he carries a panda doll named Pandy.

Lulu is a pink rhinoceros who seems to perpetually have a red balloon tied to her snout. This allows her to help Kai-Lan whenever she requires by singing a special song that calls her to come help Kai-Lan.

Hoho is a 3 year old monkey and by far the smallest and youngest of Kai-Lan's friends. He's really silly.

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